Self Parking Chairs

Nissan Builds Self-Parking Office Chairs?

If you find it difficult to push your own seat in when you get up, wouldn’t this technology just make your life easier? The "intelligent parking chair" inspired by the self-parking car technology can make 360 degree turns, zero in on a target location and put itself away. The chairs are manufactured by taking Okamura chairs and tracking them with 4 motion cameras stationed at various angles within a room. These Wi-Fi controlled cameras transmit information to the chairs, so it knows its position and the route to its destination. With a single clap of your hands, the chairs will move into place. 

To give you a glimpse of the chairs in action, check out this quick video

Unfortunately the Self-Parking Office chairs won’t be available to purchase anytime soon, as it was a way to promote Nissan’s self-parking car technology.

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