Install the Unifi controller on a server and run as a service:

1. Install latest Java

2. Install Unifi controller software

3. Start controller and configure default settings.

4. Restore config file from backup if you have one.

5. Login to management interface and check its working.

6. Shutdown controller.

7. Install controller as a service

1.  Make sure UniFi is not running

2.  Locate your java installation directory. On 64-bit, it's usually at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin"; otherwise "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin".

3.  Add the dir above to the PATH (from Computer->Properties->Advanced system settings)

4.  run a command prompt as Administrator, (right click on 'Command Prompt' and choose 'Run as administrator').

5.  cd <unifi_base> (cd "%userprofile%/Ubiquiti Unifi" will usually do the trick, including the quote marks)

6.  run “java -jar lib\ace.jar installsvc”

7.  There should now be a service in the services list - Start the service "Unifi Controller"

The management interface can now be accessed by any browser on the local network - https://server IP:8443/manage  

Moving the Unifi controller software from user profile to program files

By default the Unifi controller is installed in the user profile folder – this may be OK on a server that’s logged in as the same user all the time but if other users need access it can be copied to the program files folder. To do this:

1.  Shutdown the Unifi controller.

2.  Move the “Ubiquiti Unifi” folder from the current users profile to c:\program files – (x86) for 64 bit machines.

3.  Change the icon to run the controller to point to new location – in command line and working directory.

If you have moved the program files, when you do a controller version upgrade it installs to user profile again – need to copy files to program files again and restore config. Could try copying back to user profile before upgrade and back again afterwards. Running as a service still works after version upgrade – stopped service during upgrade. 

Servers runnig SEPM

If your server is running SEPM you will get an error on starting the Unifi controller for the first time due to conflicting ports.

1. Run 

netstat -ano > netstat.txt 

from the command line to find an available port e.g.48443 instead of 8443.

2. Change the port in the file in the "%userprofile%/Ubiquiti Unifi/data" folder.  

See the article below for more info. - Scottronic Note - This may be required for server where the UniFi Controller is or should be loaded on to the same server !!!