Installing the Network Policy Server role




 1. To install the NPS management role, open the Server Manager window.

2. Under Roles Summary, click Add Roles, and then click Next.

3. Select the Network Policy and Access Services check box, and then click Next twice.

4. Select the Network Policy Server option only, click Next, and then click Install.

5. Verify the installation was successful, and then click Close.

6. Close the Server Manager window.



Configure Network Access Policies


Run the standard setup wizard:

1     In server manager /roles / Network policy and access services select NPS (Local) node.

2         On RHS under “Standard Configuration – select from drop down box “Radius server for 802.1x wireless or wired clients” and choose configure 802.1x

3.        Select “secure wireless connections”

4.         Add IP addresses of all Unifi access points that will use RADIUS

5.         Choose manually create key and enter a key (note this)

6.     Configure an authentication method – choose “Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP)” – pick a valid certificate.

7.          Select a group that will provide access

8.         Traffic controls – leave un-configured – next

  Once this wizard is completed you can modify these settings under server manager /roles / Network policy and access services/


Configure Unifi Networks

In Unifi controller/settings/Wireless networks – select network to setup authentication on.

Select WPA-Enterprise and enter RADIUS server IP and password.